「Influence of noise on dissipative solitons and their interaction」
Prof. Dr. Helmut R. Brand

Sep 08, 2015


講演題目: Influence of noise on dissipative solitons and their interaction
講 師 : Prof. Dr. Helmut R. Brand
     Department of Physics, University of Bayreuth, Germany
日 時 : 平成27年9月8日 (火) 13:00-14:00
場 所 : 北海道大学理学部2号館404室

要 旨 :
We give an overview on the influence of noise on spatially localized patterns and their interaction. Localized patterns include stationary dissipative solitons, oscillatory dissipative solitons with one and two frequencies as well as exploding dissipative solitons. The influence of noise on spatially localized structures of arbitrary length, which are localized due to the trapping mechanism [1], has been investigated and it was shown that the logarithm of the lifetime scales inversely with the noise intensity. Thus the picture of a noise activated barrier crossing has been demonstrated [1]. A long standing puzzle in the field of pattern formation has been the observation of the partial annihilation of pulses in binary fluid convection [2] and during CO oxidation in surface reactions [3,4]. In [5] it has been shown that already a small amount of additive noise can account for the observations. The mechanism will be elucidated in the presentation. Recently it has been shown that a small amount of noise can induce explosions for dissipative solitons in the vicinity of the transition sequence from stationary dissipative solitons to exploding dissipative solitons via three different routes [6]. Finally we will also comment on the effect of large noise in connection with dissipative solitons [7]. [1] H. Sakaguchi, H.R. Brand, Physica D - Nonlinear Phenomena 97, 274 (1996). [2] P. Kolodner, Phys. Rev. A44, 6466 (1991). [3] H.H. Rotermund, S. Jakubith, A. von Oertzen, G. Ertl, Phys. Rev. Lett.66, 3083 (1991). [4] A. von Oertzen, A.S. Mikhailov, H.H. Rotermund, G. Ertl, J. Phys.Chem. B102, 4966 (1998). [5] O. Descalzi, J. Cisternas, D. Escaff, H.R. Brand, Phys. Rev. Lett.102, 188302 (2009). [6] C. Cartes, O. Descalzi, H.R. Brand, Phys. Rev. E 85, 015205 (2012). [7] O. Descalzi, C. Cartes, H.R. Brand, Phys. Rev. E 91, 020901 (2015).

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北海道大学理学部物理学科 (電話011-706-3484)

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