"Tri-refringence, Superprisms, and Pulses-on-the-fly in Photonic Crystal Waveguides"
Prof. Jeremy J. Baumberg

Oct 28, 2003

講演題目: Tri-refringence, Superprisms, and Pulses-on-the-fly in Photonic Crystal Waveguides
講 師 : Prof. Jeremy J. Baumberg
     (Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Southampton, and Mesophotonics Ltd., Chilworth Science Park,Southampton, S016 7NP, UK)
日 時 : 平成15年10月28日 (火) 17:00-
場 所 : 北海道大学大学院工学研究科 量子物理工学専攻会議室 A3-62

要 旨 :
Photonic Crystal Waveguides promise novel optical functionality in a wide variety of ways due to the considerable modification in optical propagation and interactions induced in these sub-micron periodic structures. Using planar silicon-compatible processing we have produced a wide variety of nanostructured devices over the past few years [1-8] that exhibit high quality photonic bandgap and photonic crystal features. In particular we have gained an understanding of such devices of ultrawide bandwidth ranges allowing us to provide systematic comparison with a variety of our modelling techniques. Recently we have explored how light propagates through photonic crystals by directly tracking the temporal delay of each wavepacket component [1]. In this talk we will discuss a number of the features of photonic crystal waveguides that we are investigating.
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