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Aug 29, 2008

Rerearch Photo 20080829

写真は金属試料をSEM(電子顕微鏡)で観察しているところです。この装置にはEPMA(電子線マイクロアナライザー:Electron Probe Micro Analyzer)も搭載されており、特性X線をスペクトル解析することで測定試料の化学組成比を調べることができます。我々の育成した試料は誤差の範囲内で望みの組成比を保っていることが解りました。これを使えば、あなたがお持ちのプラチナの指輪も本物かどうか鑑定できますね(w)

In the picture, we were watching metallic samples by using Scanning Electron Microscope. Since an EPMA is also installed on this instrument, we can determine the chemical composition by analyzing the intensities of characteristic X-rays from the sample material. We have checked that our samples have desired elemental ratio within the margin of error. It could also verify the authenticity of your “platinum-ring”☺

SCES'08 Poster

Aug 26, 2008

You can download my poster, which has been presented at the SCES 2008 conference, as a PDF file


Free pictures

Aug 26, 2008

Motif Image


Since some people wanted above pictures at the SCES conference, now you can download them as vector EPS (Encapsled Post Script for Adobe Illustrator CS3) format.

Filled-skutterudite x-tal structure with different view
x-tal-skutterudite.eps [2.5 MB]

Schematic image of Electron-Phonon interaction
electron-phonon.eps [2.6 MB]

2008-8/19「強相関電子系 国際会議@ブラジル」

Aug 19, 2008

Rerearch Photo 20080819

強相関電子系国際会議(International Conference on the Strongly Correlated Electron Systems 2008, Aug 19-23)に参加しています。充填スクッテルダイト化合物の最近の研究についてプレゼンテーションを行いました。朝から晩まで物理漬けの毎日。普段なかなか会えない海外の共同研究者から将来の共同研究者まで、共に充実した議論を行っています。南半球は冬ですが、開催地のブジオスはリオデジャネイロから北に車で3時間のところにあります。赤道に近いため気温は30度前後。気候はからっと乾燥していて過ごしやすく、やはりコーヒーはうまいです。

Now I'm attending the International Conference on the Strongly Correlated Electron Systems 2008, which being held at Buzios, Brazil. I have given a poster presentation of recent progress on my research of filled-skutterudites. Everyday, we are making fruitful discussions with co-workers and also with future collaborators! Buzios is located at North of Rio de Janeiro (3 hour drive). Temperature here is about 30 degrees Cercius. The taste of coffee here is pretty good as may be expected of Brazil.


Aug 01, 2008

Rerearch Photo 20080801


Start-up of the ultrasonic apparatus at our lab. is about to be completed, since it was prepared from Feb. when I have been started for my new post here. Now we are planning to perform preliminary experiment as system calibrations.
Generally, set upping an experimental laboratory has some costs of its own. We try to make a high-accuracy measurement system by utilize old equipments and secondhand equipment, sometimes. The top picture shows famous network analyzer HP8753E, which was selled a decade ago with list price of over $30000! Luckily, we could get a re-sell one with fifth list price due to all the effort for searching on Web and Akihabara. It’s still on active duty☺

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