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Dec 15, 2008

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日曜日は放射冷却で寒かったですが、まさに抜けるような青空。 札幌のボーイスカウトのこども達(小学校低学年〜中学年)と共に物理のミニ実験を行いました。

「液体窒素に浸けて凍らせてみたい何でも好きなモノを持参しなさい」とあらかじめ言っておいたところ、皆それぞれのモノ —苺・バナナ・マシュマロ・柿・風船・スポンジ・スーパーボール・納豆!— を持ってきました。バナナは釘が打てるほどカチカチ。苺は氷菓子のようになり、納豆の糸はパキパキになりました。

Last Sunday was radioactively-cooled-sunny day with bottomless blue sky. We performed mini-scientific experiments for elementary school students who are the member of a boy scout in Sapporo.
“You can bring whatever you would like to freeze”, since a scoutmaster had told so in advance, each kids brought different things; strawberry, banana, marshmallow, Japanese persimmon, balloon, sponge, bouncy balls and natto (bloody hell! fermented soybeans). The banana was frozen hard. The strawberry was really looks like yummy-frozen fruit. The natto’s fungal thread sounds snappy.
We also performed electrostatic action to erect hair with Van de Graaff generator, blowing up marshmallows in a vacuum desicator, and ice cream making by putting fresh cream, eggs and sugar in a aluminum cans and roll them outdoor.
Kids were glued to the experiments when they can actually watch, touch, and feel a fairyland of science. What I’ve got a fresh reminder is, however, that the strongest biological urge of children, which goose up themselves, is “Appetite”.

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